At the North point of Shell Island, the main channel leads out from the Estuary to the sea, and is very popular with fishermen as the water runs deep and at times fast. Bass are the major objective although fishing for Plaice and Flounder provides good sport. On rare occasions Mackerel have entered the estuary and the sea appears to boil with activity.

During the day, the bathing beaches are too busy during the summer months. However as dusk approaches and the beach becomes quiet, then the fishermen take over. Again Bass is the major prize. From the bathing beaches Bass, Flounder, Plaice, Mackerel, Dog Fish, Skate, Thornback, and an occasional Sting Ray are all fished for.

With skill, determination and patience, fishing over the rocks means floating your line and hoping not to get snagged on the bottom. More often than not, you do end up loosing your tackle, but the bigger Bass hide in these places, away from their prey.

Fishing from your own boat can bring pleasure and enjoyment. At the South end of Shell Island is a reef called St. Patricks Causeway, which runs out for 14 miles. Great days can be spent fishing for a few Mackerel, to provide an afternoon of sport fishing for Tope, Bullhuss, Doggies, Skate and Thornbacks. If its bait you're after, peeler crabs are available to gather yourself from the rockpools. The onsite Campshop stocks everything you need. Here's a few examples: Blast frozen bait, rods and reels, spinners and lures, weights and floats. In fact,  its one of the best stocked fishing shops along the coast!

The Charter Boat "Western Flyer" operates daily fishing and sunset trips from our Quay at the North end of the Island. For more information please see 


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